Escola de Longboard Long SchoolWhat do we do?

At Long School we have group and private lessons.
Group lessons have a maximum of 10 people plus 2 instructors.
Class length is 2 hours, so lessons can be more practice-oriented.
We also have the option of private lessons. These have more flexible times and are tailored to each learner.


Beginner level:

This level includes two profiles: Those who start from scratch and have never got on a longboard; and those who have already tried it and can keep balance, but don’t know how to footbrake, stand on the longboard or properly push off.

Lesson Content:

- Basic stance on the longboard while moving or standing still.
- Turning properly
- Pushing off efficiently
- Footbraking on flat and slightly inclined terrain

Medium level:

Here we will practice everything we know but on inclined terrain, that is why it is required to have mastered the footbrake technique.
We will focus on speed control, sharp turns, braking on inclined terrain and emergency braking. All this will ease our way into the next level: sliding

Lesson content:

- Aggressive or sharp turning
- Braking on inclined terrain and high-speed braking.
- Emergency braking
- Mastering of all the necessary techniques to cruise around the city.
- Stance strengthening for sliding lessons.

Advance level:

We will start with the most basic slide: the hands down slide. Once this technique is mastered (on both directions and on inclined terrain), we will move on to the stand up slide.

Lessons content:

- Heelside Coleman Slide with one hand down (pendulum).
- Heelside Predrift Slide with one hand down. (90º Slide)
- Toeside Predrift Slide with both hands down (pendulum).
- Toeside Predrift Slide with one hand down. (90º Slide)

Advance level “Stand up”:

We will learn how to slide without putting our hands down on the floor. In order to reach this level, it is mandatory to be able to slide as described in the previous level (hands down slides), in case our Stand up slides are not properly executed. It is always good to have a back-up plan.

Lesson content:

- 180º Heelside Stand Up Slide (180º slide using your heels)
- Heelside Check Stand Up Slide (90º slide using your heels)
- Toeside Check Stand Up Slide (90º slide using your toes)
- 180º Toeside Stand Up Slide (180º slide using your toes)
- Once these slides have been mastered, we can move on to the rest of the Freeride-Slides.

At the helm of all our sessions there is always a longboard professional. All the exercises are carried out progressively to ensure your safety.

IMPORTANT! The use of protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves) is mandatory to take part in the lessons.
If you do not have the necessary equipment, protective gear and longboards are available for rental at Inercia Shop, with special prices for Long School learners.