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Who are we?

Back in May 2013 fate brought together two people passionate about longboarding. They joined forces in order to create a longboarding school and share their passion with the world. Thus, Alfred Cano a.k.a. ‘Bipo’, as head of the school, and Carles Bial, representing Inercia Shop, built the foundations of what would eventually become the most important Longboard school in Catalonia and one of the best in Spain.

Long School Barcelona was born.

The professionalism of its founders is what supports and boosts the quality of Long School. Alfred has a degree in Sport Science (INEFC University) and has vast experience in the world of Longboard competition. Meanwhile, Carles has extensive experience as head and instructor at Escola Oficial de Patinatge (Official Skating School) .

The aim of the lessons at Long School is to turn ideas into practice. Sessions are divided into different skill levels and anyone, regardless of age, sex and physical condition, can join us.

Currently, Long School has two amazing instructors: Alfred Cano a.k.a. ‘Bipo’ and Marc Escoda. They have many years experience both at competitive level and as sport instructors.

We, at Long School, firmly believe that a good rider needs to be versatile. Therefore, we teach all kinds of styles, such as cruising around Barcelona, sliding, to slaloming, as well as freestyling, dancing, freeriding, downhill, among others.

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