Josep Tous

Josep Tous is a technician in physical and sports activities by the Generalitat of Catalunya and he is a Pilates Mat and fitness machines trainer by the FEDA. Fond of sliding sports since childhood he practiced windsurfing, Bodyboarding and skateboarding among many other sports. He started with longboard in 2004 and since then he has participated in several national events. He currently combines Pilates courses with the Longschool, mixing his passion for education with longboard.

Track record:

- Freeride Tuixent 2011 i 2012.

- Freeride la Muela 2012.

- Freeride Navarcles 2013.

- International Velefique Freeride 2013.

- Gran Cahuna III, IV i V.

- First place in the mini-DH Open Forum Longschool.