Alfred Cano ‘Bipo’

With more than 8 years in the field as an educator and sport teacher at several schools and clubs, Alfred has been involved with this sport for more than 6 years. His degree in Sport Science makes him one of the best Longboard experts in Spain.

He is the Long School principal, one of the instructors and responsible for all the school levels.

Alfred Bipo en acció

Track record:

- Degree in Sport Science (INEFC University)
- 1st position. Amateur category, Moviestar Extresam Games 2011.
- 5th position. Professional Category, Moviestar Extresam Games 2011
- 1st position. 1st Phauna Slide Jam Contest, 2012.
- 1st Position. Tech-Slide Open Category. “Melting to the core, Barcelona” 2012
- 3rd position. Big Standup category. “Melting to the core, Barcelona” 2012.
- 1st position. Best Slide category, “Vedat Long Xtrem” 2012.
- Participation in the Downhill World Championship. Czech Republic, Italy and France 2012.
- Participation in the Downhill World Championship. USA. “Maryhill” 2013
- 1st position. Sopelana-Spain Third Edition Downhill Championship 2013
- 3rd position. Sopelana-Spain Third Edition Slides Championship 2013

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